Traditional on-premise well program solutions do not always provide the flexibility to design and execute well programs in real time or keep pace with the demands of our fast-paced industry. 

The power of hybrid Cloud

Transition your well program to the cloud for improved drilling performance. 

Close the gaps

Accelerate the delivery of a complete well program with full-integrated and automated workflows. 

Enterprise knowledge at your fingertips

Drive efficiency with tight-knit collaboration and knowledge sharing among cross-functional teams. 

Digital Well Program®, a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application, offers the industry’s only truly integrated digital well program software. It leverages the full weight of our long-standing open architecture, providing the flexibility for us to co-innovate alongside you. With Digital Well Program, you can create a customized solution that meets your unique workflow needs. Microservices, machine learning, and artificial intelligence enable you to plan, design, and deliver the right well at the right price. 

The power of hybrid Cloud

Choice and flexibility

Seamlessly integrate with other Halliburton applications and third-party software to provide the choice and flexibility needed to create specific workflows. 

Close the gaps

Optimized well operations

Reduce well program design time up to 80 percent by leveraging fully integrated and automated workflows. 

Enterprise knowledge at your fingertips

Cross-team collaboration

Teams can leverage the same data and insights to streamline the well construction process. 

Connected well operations

Stay connected to the Edge and leverage a digital twin that enables digital well programs to evolve in real time.  

Predictable well operations

Leverage automated workflows and dynamic reporting to deliver more predictable well operations and more cost-effective designs. 

Lessons learned

Improve your plan and lower costs using historical data from offset wells. 

Improved drilling performance

Drive efficiency through effective collaboration and repeatable performance by leveraging dedicated E&P cloud technology.  

Maximized reservoir contact

Create cost effective well designs that can help you maximize your reservoir recovery over the lifecycle of your wells and fields.  

Informed decisions

Arrive at more informed decisions faster with easy access to enterprise knowledge.