DecisionSpace® 365 is a Cloud-Based, Subscription Service for E&P Applications to Empower You to be Creative and Help Realize Your Objectives.

DecisionSpace® 365 software as a service on Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU Data Platform) provides high throughput, low latency and self-cleaning solution for ingesting large quantities of data from a variety of sources into OSDU Data Platform. Once the data is loaded, DecisionSpace 365 cloud applications provide modular, open and plug and play solutions, with intelligent workflows to drive efficiency and provide data driven insights.



Secure, anytime, and anywhere access to the current and innovative E&P cloud applications on a secure public, private, or hybrid cloud.



Open architecture facilitates connectivity to your existing investments, third-party applications, and plug-ins



Intelligent E&P digital solutions that leverages physics based and computational models including AI/ML to seek to automate workflows and transform how you work.